Quantitative Market Analysis Tool Finally Released

Trading Jul 02, 2020

So this perk was a bit unexpected, but we're glad we were able to forge the connection that we did.
As the title of this 'group' suggests, we ran into an individual that runs an algorithmic (quant) analysis platform for the cryptocurrency space.

The creator of this product is an individual that previously worked for Google as a data scientist - so to say that they know their stuff would be a bit of an understatement.

Make sure to keep reading if you're interested in knowing more about the platform.

How it Works

The platform is pretty intuitive for the most part - which is the good thing.

Below is a picture of the interface:

As one can see above, the main slot, labeled, 'compare', has 'BTC' (Bitcoin) in it - which is what will serve as our benchmark against the rest of the market as we analyze results for potential 'matches'.

In the next few sections, we're going to go over some of the more granular 'controls' that are afforded to users with access to this awesome platform.

Market Insight Controls

Performance Insights

As one can see above, there are a host of 'performance insights' that can be gleaned from the platform, which include:

A) 'TrendScore Smooth'

B) 'TrendScore Slow'

C) 'TrendScore Fast'

D) Gain/Loss

E) Reward/Risk

F) Price

Risk Insights

Risk insight controls also include:

A) Volatility

B) Reward/Risk

C) BM Correlation

Liquidity and Size Insights

Liquidity and Size Insights include:

A) MarketCap

B) MarketCap-Rank

C) Volume

D) 24-Volume-Rank

Market Segmentation Controls

Below we have a slew of options that give us an even more granular look at the points of analysis for the platform, which are:

A) Time Horizon

B) Market Size

C) Project Type (segmented by 'indices' for those that want to look at benchmarks that are compared to specific 'industries' in the blockchain space [i.e., payment coins, privacy coins, etc.]

D) Coins by Exchange

Hedge Fund Mode

Even in spite of the wealth of features listed in the prior two sections, there is still yet another perk that takes this platform to a different level.

Its called, 'Hedge Fund Mode'.

What is Hedge Fund Mode?

To put it concisely, its a 'mode' that's designed to facilitate insights that would be preferable to a hedge fund's risk averse style of trading.

Below, you can see how the control is embedded directly into the app itself:

For users that may not completely understand what 'Hedge Fund Mode', they only need to click the 'question mark' icon next to the on/off button shown in the picture above and they'll be given a full explanation of how it works:

How it Looks

In the prior section ('How it Works'), we covered some of the more granular controls that are offered to users.

In the next section, we'll take a closer look at what users can expect upon further probing into the app's features.

Ranked Perspective View

After entering one's preferred points of analysis (as described under the 'How it Works' section), users only need to scroll down the page, slightly, before encountering the 'Ranked Perspective View'.

Before we get there though, let's start by making our granular selections (as seen below):


Now that we have that locked in, all we have to do is scroll down and the coin choices will already be sorted for us:

Pretty cool, right?

That's not all this platform shows us. Hit the 'next' button to learn more.

Price History Comparison Analysis

Remember back in the 'Hot it Works' section when we put in 'Bitcoin' as our very first input?

Now you're about to see why the app asks us to enter in a coin as our 'starting point' (see below):

This is probably one of the cooler features of the platform because it:

Allows for a direct comparison between two coins (any two coins - it doesn't have to be Bitcoin; we could have chosen '$XRP', for example)

Using our time frame (30 days in this instance) as a baseline, we can see the trending values of the coins over the previous 30-day period.

There are infinite points of analysis for this tool - especially when considering that this platform allows for index comparisons as well.

Price & Quant Insights

As if the previous features were not enough, we decided to turn it up yet another notch by providing a panel for, 'Price & Quant Insights' that give an even more detailed and granular view of a specific asset's price action over the selected time frame (again, 30-days in our case).

See below:

The GIF above speaks for itself in terms of the quality and value of the analysis provided.

There is plenty of information that can be gleamed from this market metric dissection.

Community Voice

Our final panel is the 'Community Voice' one.

This panel, which is pretty basic in nature, is really helpful for those looking to conduct further research on a given coin.

Simply put, the 'Community Voice' tab provides greater information about, well...the Community's Voice for that particular coin!

See below:

Explaining the Mechanics

Okay, we get it - the platform looks nice, it appears to be in functioning order, and it certainly provides users with a host of choices that they can pick from ...

So, the only question remaining now is, "Does it work?"

Live Testing Results

Unbeknownst to the members of the Discord (another membership perk), we decided to make a few selections on the basis of the 'tips' that the platform gave us over a month ago.

Below, viewers will be able to see my selection for the cryptocurrency, $BAT (Basic Attention Token) on October 15th, 2019:

Results only a week later (October 22nd, 2019):

However, that wasn't all - we decided that this one looked like more of a long-term hold to us, so that's exactly what we did and, well, the results speak for themselves (see below):

Yes, that's +40%.

Coincidence? No. This is what happens when you properly utilize data science metrics to develop a cogent trading strategy by using a platform that was designed to facilitate risk averse, practical trades (i.e., not throwing your money into one coin, praying that it will 'moon' so that you can make absurd returns on it).


By providing expert leads.

One of the main things that this platform assists us with is quickly identifying which charts we should be looking at versus simply going to CoinMarketCap, scrolling down a list of coins and saying: "I wonder how everything is doing today?"

How Does it Do That?

It factors in a few things that help to sift out timewasters.

Very valuable - especially in this space.

When you go up & down CMC, some coins are up +8%, some are down -5%. Things are fluctuating a lot day-to-day.

Why This Tool is Superior to Other Market 'Alternatives'

Other 'bots' and 'signals' in this space have been plagued with the flaw of recommending traded pairs that hit all the correct indicators, but there's no liquidity or its on some random, sketchy ass exchange, or its a lowcap shitcoin some guy in a basement in Asia made with like 3 other whales screwing around.

Our tool mitigates this by:

Giving you lookbacks from 24 hours to 30 days.

Allowing you to compare pricep erformance in a range to other assets (i.e., how would $BAT perform vs. $XLM or $XLM vs. $XRP) so you can weigh opportunity costs.

Gives a trend score based on stability of trend. So, sure, maybe a coin is up 20% over the last 7 days, but was it whipsawing all over the place? (-30% one day, now its +50% today for a delta of +20%).

Factors liquidity, so only solid pairs on solid exchanges (crypto standard-wise) are recommended.

So the results will always be coins that you actually recognize, versus some random coin with a market cap rank of 250 or lower, that was pumped by a few whales on an obscure exchange somewhere.

We were intelligent enough to create this tool to be reflexive to the crypto industry, specifically - so much more often than not, the top ranked coins that it curates are amazing leads.



Happy to serve and help wherever I'm needed in the blockchain space. #Education #EthicalContent #BringingLibretotheForefront

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