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librehash Jul 06, 2020
Preface: The content written below is an extraction of what currently exists on ; so please do not confused if you see the article refer to its home as "site" or reference elements of that do not exist on (the blog). Thank you.

The purpose of this site (article if you're reading it from our blog here), is to adequately document as much of the Librehash Membership as possible.

In essence, this entire site and all of its documentation was packaged together for the sole purpose of answering the question, "What do I get with the membership?"

Wait a minute - back up - what do you mean by, "The purpose of this site is to adequately document as much of the Librehash membership as possible?"

Simply put - what we are providing is so expansive at this point, that documenting all of it to its fullest extent is a process that will more than likely take us until mid-July.


We spare no detail in describing what it is exactly that one receives when they obtain a Librehash membership.

There is a high chance that some of the documentation on this site will exceed the level of thoroughness that most blockchain projects use in their own whitepapers (don't worry - this won't be nearly as verbose or all).

How Much is This Membership?

At the time of writing (July 6th, 2020), the membership is currently being offered for a one-time fee of $100.

Fleeting Offer in the Truest Sense

This is not a sales tactic

Once the documentation is complete, we will be swiftly moving to a subscription-based model only (that same day).

Specifically, there will never again be an opportunity for users to obtain a membership for $100 as a one-time fee. Regardless of whatever changes or evolutions that Librehash undergoes.


Because the $100 one-time subscription fee is one that allows to remain solvent and sustainable until we complete our documentation (at which point, the monthly revenue will allow us to establish a backbone for our operations for the foreseeable future).

How Much Will Subscriptions Cost?

Once this ephemeral, one-time payment offer period has concluded, we will start (and remain) at $100/month for the foreseeable future once subscriptions have launched.

Payment Details + Onboarding Process Outlined

"I Don't Want to Miss This Opportunity to Get Access to the Platform For a One-Time Fee of $100, So How Can I Pay You Right Now?""

At this very second, that must be done via cryptocurrency - specifically either Bitcoin or Litecoin.

More specifically, you need to reach out to one of the following points of contact (please make sure that you're communicating with the correct librehash entity because there are a lot of tricksters out there):

Twitter (send us a DM - or shoot us a tweet asking to speak with us about the membership) -

TradingView (send us a message on TradingView to speak with us about payment) -

Telegram (send us a message on Telegram about payment): @librehashcrypto (username)

Discord (if you're in the Discord, then just shoot me a PM on there)

E-mail =

How Does the Onboarding Process Work?

The steps to getting signed up with us are really simple - and if you elect to go with the one-time payment option, you'll hopefully never need to worry about going through this ever again (although it wouldn't be a big deal if you did).

Step Number One: Get Into Contact

This part is simple. You just need to get into contact with us using any one of the five different platforms.

You will receive a response from us.

Step Number Two: Shoot Payment

Assuming you're contacting us to move forward with payment - we will provide you with a wallet address directly (either Litecoin or Bitcoin).

After that - just shoot payment over and ping us when you're done.

Given the nature of this transaction, you don't need to wait for the transaction to be confirmed (it would be pointless to double spend here, because we could just remove such an individual's access to the platform).

At some point on July 6th, we start sending over a link to an open-source form submission platform, called, 'LimeSurvey'. LimeSurvey is encrypted, which is a lot better than us just having this information 'out in the wild' (don't worry about this latter part - that's just a forward looking statement).

Step Three: Send Us "Information" So We Can Create Accounts and Grant Access

Preface: The information that you are being asked for (and need to send) is for no other purpose than to onboard you to the platform. Period. We don't care about who you are and you don't need to tell us why you would are interested in pursuing a Librehash subscription.

Whether it is through our conversation with one another (on the platform that you contact us on) or via the form link (LimeSurvey), we will need:

A) An Email Account = To be clear, this can be any e-mail on God's green earth  (we don't care). But this should be an account that you have consistent access to because we push alerts, changelogs for platform updates and other important announcements. More importantly, you need this e-mail in order to reset the password on your account (or to reset your 2FA TOTP [Authenticator] secret code if you managed to lose that somehow). **We don't store passwords on server (or anywhere else; yes, that's possible), so we can't 'jerry rig' things to retrieve any

B) TradingView Username = You must have an account on TradingView in order to use the custom indicators that we have  (its free to create an account on TradingView).

That's it. Nothing more.

Please Check Your E-mail:

  1. 9 times out of 10 we will follow up with you after the e-mail has been sent to ensure that you received it (and that you had no trouble onboarding , its pretty intuitive though)
  2. On top of the onboarding e-mail, there were be a few follow-up pieces of information to assist you with navigating the platform. We strongly advise that you take the time to read those e-mails for your convenience (and time's sake).

Step Four

At this point, you no longer need to interact with us directly anymore (if you don't want to - but you can ping us with any questions that you have).

Following the Onboarding E-mail

The onboarding e-mail will contain a link to our membership platform.

You need to click on that link in order to get started.

Setting Your Password

Clicking on the account creation link in the e-mail tha tyou receive from us should take you to a screen that looks like this one:

Once you've created your password, you should be met with a page that looks similar to this one:

From here, you simply need to click, 'Open Dashboard' and its "Welcome home".

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why cryptocurrency only?

Because the ledger will give you a "receipt" (in the form of the TX ID) that should be able to be referenced indefinitely.

What if you simply deny that it is your wallet?

After payment is made, users will receive an e-mail (more on this later on in the documentation) that provides them with a link to the website (librehash platform).

That message will be signed by our PGP keys.

We publish the fingerprint in the description of our main Telegram room and  rotate them with fair frequency.

The same e-mail that is attached to that fingerprint  will be the same e-mail that you receive the GPG-signed onboarding message from (for even greater confirmation).

Moving Forward

What is written above should be more than sufficient (in terms of the most pertinent information).

Please refer to the side panel on the left as a directory for any other topics / information relevant to the Librehash membership that you're curious about.



Happy to serve and help wherever I'm needed in the blockchain space. #Education #EthicalContent #BringingLibretotheForefront

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