Price Analysis and Prospects

3 min read Price Analysis and Prospects Price Analysis and Prospects

Despite the rampant fraud that is perpetrating (see our plethora of research on the Monaco scam - continued), there appears to be a significant amount of evidence pointing to the fact that is still on a bullish run for the year.

Let's check out its charts (starting with the H4 resolution). Price Analysis

Above is a live look at the price chart for on the H4 resolution (overlaid with the Librehash Reversion Ribbon).

Potential Bump and Run Reversal Formation Manifesting

In the chart above, we can see what appears to be a burgeoning BARR formation - which could lead to a bearish reversal.

What is a Bump and Run Reversal Formation?

Great question since this formation is rarely isolated and described in the world of blockchain / cryptocurrency charting.

For a good source on BARR formations, please see the following link:

Specific Characteristics of BARR Formation Patterns

Here's what the above specifications look like when applied to the chart that we've been looking at:

Note: The 'Run' Phase Can Happen At Any Point

There is nothing to suggest that the run phase is an imminent possibility at this point in time or that will suffer dramatic losses in the near future.

However, what the BARR formation does tell us is that that this is a credible possibility at SOME point in the future.

Now with that outlined - let's move forward.

Librehash Reversion Ribbon

Sticking with the H4 resolution here, we're going to see what the Librehash Reversion Ribbon tells us about's price action.

First Observation

From our first glance, we can tell that the Librehash Reversion Ribbon's increase in 'height' from below the zero line to well above it - indicates a steady increase in the price momentum of (as is evidenced by its price action over the same span of time as well; there appears to be no divergence here).

Second Observation

The end of the ribbon itself is also green - indicating a bullish crossover:

Exponential Moving Average (50)

Let's take a look at the EMA(50) on the H4 resolution for below:

In the photo above, the golden line represents the EMA(50) for [again, we're on the H4 resolution].

Let's go ahead and isolate the numerous times where the EMA(50) has served as a potent form of support for

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