China Makes Major Statement by Only Banning Certain Major Exchanges While Still Allowing Others!

China Blockchain Jul 09, 2021

When this story was first being written, it was pretty mundane at first. We were going to cover reports that Binance and Huobi had been blocked by the Great Firewall of China, then remark on how this wasn't too unexpected given their thorny history with the People's Republic.

However, it turns out that what China did was way fucking deeper than that. This is going to blow your mind.

Ok, so let's not waste anymore time talking about it - let's get you all caught up.

This conversation about exchanges being banned via China's Great Firewall go sparked off by a tweet from the controversial 'Wu Blockchain' account, which tweeted the following:

At the time when I saw this, it was plausible obviously. Especially when considering that China had keyword blocked "Huobi" and "Binance" (as well as OKex) a few weeks ago.

Putting everything in perspective, its probably neither here nor there whether Binance or Huobi have been blocked by the GFW at this point.

A few hours after 'Wu Blockchain' published their initial tweets, another user quote tweeted his initial observation and corroborated it with the following tweets:

China Firewall Test

Okay, so it appears that the website the Twitter user in question visited was one called '' (if you decide to visit this site directly, you assume any and all risks; author cannot vouch for whether this site is safe / dangerous).

I'm going to preface this by saying that I found other websites purporting to perform the same checks and the results were identical.

Below is a screenshot of the site. Same one as what the user showed in his corroborating tweets.

Testing the Librehash Blog Site (Control)

Okay, let's just start out with a "control" here by throwing in '' (the URL of our blog).

Awesome! It appears that folks in China are allowed to visit (你好!)


Now let's see what we get when we type in Binance.

Result: Yikes. Okay, well it appears that Binance is banned, according to this tool.


Let's check OKex next.

Result: Banned


Now, let's check Huobi.

Result: Banned

Okay, so it appears the three major exchanges that China keyword banned a few weeks ago are a no-go right now.

But there still remains the question of whether this GFW is due to the actions of Binance et. al., or simply an extension of China's overall crypto prohibition.

So, let's check a few other exchanges now.


Now let's check Coinbase. Same as the previous three, we're gong to pipe in '' and see what we get.

Result: Woa, Coinbase is good to go.



Let's try out KuCoin now

Result: No Good! Wow, Kucoin is blocked...this is interesting.

You knew this one was coming.



Result: Oh shit. Uh. So they're blocked.


Let's try...BlockFi? Ok. Maybe Beijing just forgot about Coinbase somehow.

Result: They got the clear. This is getting really fucking interesting.

FTX Exchange

How about FTX? This one should actually be interesting since Binance does partner pretty close with them. Could've been a push.

Result: Beijing approves.

I'm very curious about ; I've known for a while that these bigger exchanges are using as their offramp out of the space.

Let's see if Beijing has determined the same.

Result: Blocked

Wow! They got the thumbs down here!

Last one we're going to do here. This is one that I was especially curious about.

Liquid Exchange

What do you think they did with 'Liquid'? This one is really interesting. Perhaps more so than all of the others given the implications behind these results.

Well...its either now or never.

Let's see.

Result: Liquid is Banned

Holy shit.


I'm going to actually leave things here. There's not too much more to say beyond what we can see in the gifs above.

Its likely that there will be some segment of the crypto population that will scramble to provide some excuse, regardless of how farfetched...but I think what we see above is what it looks like.



Happy to serve and help wherever I'm needed in the blockchain space. #Education #EthicalContent #BringingLibretotheForefront

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