Changes to the Telegram Channel

Librehash Announcement Nov 14, 2020

For the majority of this channel's existence, media (photos specifically), have been sent in a "compressed" version.

The benefit of this is that you all are able to view pictures 'inline' (which means that you can just click on them and they pop up). The obvious disadvantage here is that the quality of those pictures almost defeats the purpose of putting them in here.

New Change - Effective Immediately

In the past, Telegram did have an option for users to upload their photos onto the platform in their original resolution.

However, doing so required an explicit file upload.

Granted, you would still be able to see the pictures 'in-line' (within the app's media viewer), you would also be required to download the file directly onto your system - which is a terrible idea on Telegram.

Specifically, because the only reason that the photo rendered in its original format is because it was treated as a file and not an image (which TG auto-converts to jpg / jpeg; all of our photos are .png, because .png = lossless)

So in the promotion of safe online practices, I refrained from doing so.

What Changed?

Over the past few months, Telegram has added a ton of functionality to the platform. One important feature was the addressing of the photo problem I described above.

Fixed API + WebConstructor: These files are sent over TG and are still viewed within the client (rather than one being forced to download it to their computer, then open up )

Telegram now parses between photos and regular files

Also, users that have updated to the latest version of TG desktop (2.4.8), now have the option of electing to only have pictures uploaded vs. files.

Below is a quick demonstration on how to make this happen:

Once you click on the 'in channels' button (or any of the other TG contexts), you'll arrive at a screen like this:

As one can see above, there is an option to only allow photos to be uploaded while unanimously rejecting automatic file uploads.

How to Be Sure That the File is a .png

Now, when a photo is uploaded in the 'Librehash' channel, there will be a random file name that's given to the upload (regardless of what I've named the file on the device that I'm sending it from).

From my end, this is what it looks like when I have selected a photo that I want to upload:

If I leave the 'compress images' check on, then the image will show up as such:

However, the image quality is rendered as such (see below):

In this scenario, users have two options:

  1. Click on the photo box and it will open within the Telegram app


2.   Click on the 'open with' button and it will ask users which app on their computer they would like to open said photo up with (i.e., Microsoft Paint, Adobe, etc.)

In the interest of safety, it would be wise if users elected the first option (so that it doesn't need to be downloaded - it can be shown within the app itself [Telegram])

Below is a screenshot directly from the app:

Hopefully everyone can see that the latter image that was uploaded (without compression), is much cleaner and more visible than the images that were uploaded compressed.

The benefits of this are too obvious to state here.

For those that are adamantly opposed to this, I sincerely apologize, but I feel that this in the best interest of the channel as well as the content that is being presented for everyone (as there are quite a few items in this channel that are 'evergreen'; which means that the content is valuable in perpetuity as reference material for others in the channel).


If there are any questions, join and tag me (@cryptomedication), and we can talk about it.

If you need some advice about the best ways to ensure your safety on TG as we make this transition, then let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read and stay subscribed to all Librehash channels to get up to date, in-depth blockchain news & information without bias, skew, or slant!



Happy to serve and help wherever I'm needed in the blockchain space. #Education #EthicalContent #BringingLibretotheForefront

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