Librehash Platform Update: 'Cachet' / Status App Launched & Deployed

This is a really basic site that I set up for members to reference on the fly to see the 'status' of any of our apps on the site at any given point in time.

Why Would You Use This?

App is acting funny / you're not able to access a certain resource / you checked your WiFi and your laptop, and you know it can't be you (causing whatever weird thing to happen that's happening).

That's When You Visit Our Status Page

URL = (its also on the app portal as well under the name 'status' - so you can just log in and click on the 'panel').

How it Works

Simple. You scroll down the status page and check for the app in question you're having difficulties with and see whether there's a genuine problem w the app that's reflected on the status page.

This is Automated

This app is a bit more sophisticated than me logging in behind the scenes (as an admin) and flipping the 'status' of our deployments.

This app actually monitors the 'health' of the servers (since we've containerized everything, it'll perform traditional 'health checks' at whatever designated endpoint I give it ; it gauges the 'status' of the server based on the http response that it receives - API nerdy stuff).

^^ If you're interested, that's how it works.

More Information About the App

Open Source (as always)

Here's the URL for their homepage =

They even have a demo if you want to see what this app is like from the "control room" (its cool, I guess - lol) =

UI is pretty nice (screenshots below):

^^ this screenshot is from the 'demo'

Another Beautiful Screenshot:

You've Probably Seen This Before

Many exchanges deploy some sort of similar service that's designed to give you up to the minute checks on the server's 'health'.

This isn't really a membership "benefit", more so than something that should be deployed (as responsible stewards / maintainers of the applications + projects being deployed)



Happy to serve and help wherever I'm needed in the blockchain space. #Education #EthicalContent #BringingLibretotheForefront

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