Andre Cronje May Be a Binance Employee

binance Aug 15, 2020

Back to regular news - is it a coincidence to anyone that when CRV launched (via some mysterious, anonymous entity of sorts...), we saw:

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • OKex

All rush to pick it up at the same time?

Intertwined Relationships Between the Exchanges

  1. CZ (changpeng zhao) is a co-founder and former CTO of OKCoin (i.e., OKex). This is according to Changpeng Zhao himself in the original Binance whitepaper (source =; This was actually his last post in blockchain before starting Binance. The relationship between CZ and OKCoin ended in controversy over some contract shenanigans re: Roger Ver & the domain (we'll go back into the annals of history to cover this later)
  2. One of the seed investors in Binance is a co-founder in Huobi (Jun Du). Erik Zhang (formerly Antshares; Binance's advisor) **was formerly employed as an exchange engineer at Huobi.
  3. Binance's "American" Trading Arm is Ran by Huobi Executives = "BAM Trading" (the name of Binance's U.S. "trading branch") was established under the leadership of two former Huobi executives (Hao Chen and Harry Zhou ; company name = Koi Trading Systems Inc - just Google them up and then Google "Koi Trading Systems Binance" and the results should tell you more than enough")
  4. Andre Cronje Worked on Fantom - a pet project for Binance = To put the links together here - Fantom is run / ran by "Michael Chen" (or at least that's the name that he goes by under 'Fantom'). Michael Chen was also listed as a member of 'Origin X Protocol' (a fake VC). Notably, this shell VC has had nearly all of their projects listed on Binance. This VC also boasts 'Sandra Wu' (GP) on its board as well as Roger Lim. Roger Lim is a seed investor in Binance as well as a NGC Ventures General Partner (alongside Da Hongfei).
  5. CryptoBriefing (the publication that Cronje worked / works at ; his LinkedIn doesn't indicate that he's parted ways with them yet) - is owned by NGC Ventures. Read the bottom of this Cryptobriefing article here , where they have a disclaimer stating, "NGC is an investor and equity holder in Crypto Briefing."

Doing the math here, if Cronje works for Cryptobriefing and Cryptobriefing is owned by NGC and NGC's General Partners (Da Hongfei + Roger Lim & others) are seed investors in Binance (and the primary shot callers there), how far fetched is it really to say that Andre Cronje works for Binance? = Binance's Project



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